Multi-Channel Solution

Identifying your customers’ preferred channel for care interactions and meeting them there elevates their experience with your brand.

Primary Services

Customer Service

Our solutions produce a trusted, personalized experience our clients Client Care provides solutions to improve the customer experience, increase retention, maximize every touchpoint and identify opportunities for efficiencies and cost optimization

Customer Service Training

Our Customer Service training methodology is designed to increase learner engagement and reduce attrition. The design, development and delivery of our customer experience training programs creates an atmosphere in which learners are encouraged to collaborate and hone critical thinking skills.

Inbound Call Center

One of our leading services is inbound call center solutions, we provide incoming customer calls with timely and accurate product support information and assist with queries and complaints.

Outbound Call Center

We help companies to get in touch with their clients through Outbound calls which increase sales, follow up on emails, develop good customer relationships. Contact is made to make potential and existing customers aware of new products and services.

Social Media Management

Client Care transforms digital and social landscapes, providing a competitive advantage through social care.

Customer Retention

It’s our job to help clients maximize customer relationships Our team of customer engagement specialists react and respond to every communication, transforming key learnings into opportunities to optimize and evolve customer relationships.

Customer Email Management

We provide expert led email support service under your budget. We custom design the plan to meet your business needs, which evidently helps in fulfilling your marketing & sales goals. Key aspect of our email support service is response time. Our agents can work 24×7, day & night and respond to customer inquiries in a rapid turnaround time.

Back Office Support Services

We provide out-of-the-box or customized back-office services for a variety of functions like data entry, order fulfillment, claims & refund processing, translation services, account management services, and more. Whatever your back-office needs, our trusted specialists possess the expertise, experience and deep knowledge of your industry to integrate these services seamlessly into your organization.

Strategic Business Planning

We help businesses refocus on their foundational purpose, goals, development and opportunities while directing business owners to achieve their vision, which they communicate to stakeholders in a strategic business plan and program. 

How We Work

At CCS we work with the client to improve and develop the clients’ processes to ensure a high quality customer experience. We give importance to the littlest things. We are good listeners and welcome your feedback to achieve nothing but excellence.

With CCS you have:

  • Access to experienced expert and specialized staff members.
  • Outstanding customer service with multiple points of contact
  • Effective data security measures for guaranteed data information confidentiality

More Services

Appointment & Reservation Setting

We can integrate with your platform or use our system to set appointments, reservations, confirm dates and increase show rates.

Data Entry

We enter data from various sources into the company computer system for processing and management.

Direct Response & Social Media Support

We provide multiple communication channels on various platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp and SMS to increase customer touch points.


We electronically verify captured customer information and photo with captured identity card.

Help Desk Services

We provide prompt resolutions and exceptional help desk management, with our unique help desk software that speeds up ticket resolution with the help of proactive automations and highly customizable workflows.

Lead Generation

We provide additional sources of lead generation opportunities to assist with your sales and growth goals.

Market Research

Gather valuable business intelligence effectively and efficiently with our team specializing in research and information gathering.

Omnichannel Support

Client Care provides Customer Support for Clients across a seamless and integrated network of devices and touchpoints. We maintain consistent and great experiences for our Clients’ customers regardless of the communication channel. We ensure for your customers to exist and engage with your brand at their convenience

Order Processing

Our agents will ensure your products and services are effectively processed quickly & easily

Overflow & After Hours Support

Our 24/7/365 services ensure your business never closes by our high availability of agents ready to help your customers anytime, anywhere.

Reservation Services

We specialize in reservation services for multiple industries.

Scheduled Call Backs

Never miss a call and opportunity to contact your customers with our unique feature allowing us to communicate at their convenience.

Seminar & Event Registration

We have specialized in reservation services for multiple industries

Surveys & Feedback

Obtain actionable feedback with our surveys provided to gain insight into customer satisfaction levels.

Telesales & Upsells

We identify, engage & convert new leads, while increasing share of wallet with existing customers with our vast experience in closing the deal with our experienced team.

Beyond Customer Service

We are committed to providing dependable 24/7/365 services, we believe in nurturing long-term and sustainable relationships with our clients.


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